Ripple is selling a third of its MoneyGram shares

According to an SEC filing, Ripple is selling approximately one-third of its MoneyGram shares.

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Ripple is selling about a third of its stake in remittance giant MoneyGram. All of this, according to a document released Friday by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

It should be noted that this is his first sale of shares since he invested in MoneyGram in 2019.

According to the document, on November 25, Ripple Labs entered into an agreement with MoneyGram. Basically, under which it has the right to sell up to 4 million shares.

This option will expire on 31 March 2021. The date on which the maximum amount will have been sold. Or when other usual events affecting the issuer occur.

About MoneyGram
MoneyGram International Inc. is a US company. A world leader in payment and money transfer services. Indeed, it enables friends and family to send money safely and conveniently for everyday needs in over 200 countries and territories.

What do the whales do with Ripple and Bitcoin?
Ripple sells its shares
As indicated in the SEC filing, Ripple owns approximately 6.23 million shares of common stock. And, it has the only voting and investment rights with respect to those shares.

Ripple also holds the warrants on 5.95 million common shares. This represents a total capital position of 12.2 million shares or 17% of MoneyGram’s outstanding shares.

In fact, after the sale, Ripple will own at least 3.22 million shares or 4.44% of MoneyGram.

According to a Ripple spokesperson: “This is a purely financial decision, to make some profit on Ripple’s investment in MoneyGram. And in no way does it reflect the current state of our partnership.

Very importantly, as stated by the spokesperson, Ripple confirmed that it will continue its cooperation with MoneyGram.

Ripple enters the lending sector with XRP credit lines
Ripple and MoneyGram
Last June, Ripple acquired the shares of MoneyGram at a price of $4.10 per share. After the investment, Ripple owned 9.95% of the outstanding MoneyGram common shares.

MoneyGram CEO Alex Holmes said, “The partnership is transformational.

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse added that his company would support MoneyGram’s “further expansion” into European and Australian payment brokers.

In November 2019, Ripple even completed the acquisition of its $50 million stake in the MoneyGram remittance platform.

In fact, MoneyGram’s intention was to use this capital inflow to support its operations. In particular, as it expands its use of Ripple’s On-Demand Liquidity product.

Clearly, as 2020 became unpredictable and MoneyGram noticed that its services were growing digitally, the value of its shares also skyrocketed.

Indisputably, its share price grew by 260% this year and closed at $7.42 on Wednesday. Therefore, Ripple is making a significant profit on its sale.

I leave with this quote from Warren Buffett: “Never be afraid to ask for too much when you sell. Or offer too little when you buy.

A Deloitte inclui a BitPay na lista das 500 maiores empresas tecnológicas

BitPay venceu o Pinterest por vários postos na prestigiosa lista da Deloitte.

Como as moedas criptográficas continuam ganhando atenção

Como as moedas criptográficas continuam ganhando atenção, algumas das empresas nativas da indústria também se juntaram aos holofotes. A BitPay, empresa de processamento de pagamentos Bitcoin Up, juntou-se hoje ao quadro de 499 outras importantes empresas tecnológicas.

A empresa de contabilidade Big Four Deloitte vê a BitPay como uma das 500 maiores empresas de tecnologia de ponta da América do Norte, como mostra sua lista Technology Fast 500, a BitPay anunciou em uma declaração pública na quarta-feira. A BitPay ocupa a 341ª posição, superando a potência da mídia social Pinterest, que ocupa a 348ª posição.

“O ranking é compilado com base nas candidaturas apresentadas e na pesquisa do banco de dados de empresas públicas, sendo os vencedores selecionados com base no crescimento percentual do ano fiscal durante um período de três anos”, de acordo com o website da Deloitte.

A Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals ocupa o primeiro lugar entre o prestigioso grupo, mostrando um tremendo crescimento de 106.508%. Com 341, BitPay ostenta um crescimento de 290%. O fornecedor de dispositivos de streaming de mídia Roku senta-se mais abaixo na 483ª posição.

Para serem elegíveis para o reconhecimento Technology Fast 500

“Para serem elegíveis para o reconhecimento Technology Fast 500, as empresas devem possuir tecnologia intelectual própria que é vendida aos clientes em produtos para a maioria da receita operacional da empresa”, diz a declaração.

“As empresas devem ter uma receita operacional anual básica de pelo menos US$ 50.000, e uma receita operacional atual de pelo menos US$ 5 milhões”, acrescentou a declaração.

“Além disso, as empresas devem estar em atividade por um mínimo de quatro anos e estar sediadas na América do Norte”.

A Red Herring também colocou a BitPay em sua própria lista como uma das 100 maiores empresas privadas da América do Norte nas áreas de tecnologia ou ciências da vida. Na quarta-feira, continuando seu crescimento, a BitPay anunciou novos caminhos para as empresas que procuram aproveitar os pagamentos criptográficos.

US elections: crypto community supports blockchain vote

Faced with US presidential elections that drag on and crystallize all tensions, the crypto community is calling for the development of a blockchain-based voting system.

Blockchain voting to clean up the next American elections?

The United States is in the midst of a political crisis, as the results of the presidential elections are slow to be known. Donald Trump has embarked on a legal battle to try to suspend the counting of votes. He also asks that they be counted again.

Several figures in the blockchain community have therefore raised the idea of an extended blockchain vote for the next large-scale elections in the United States. In particular, they would make it possible to count the votes automatically, and to avoid suspicion of fraud. Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao thus urged the community to build a reliable blockchain-based voting system, in order to propose it for the following US elections:

“If there is a Bitcoin Evolution voting mobile app (with efficient KYC of course), we won’t have to wait for results , or question their validity. The privacy [of voters] can be protected using several encryption mechanisms. ”

Equal to himself, CZ doesn’t bother with caution. He estimates that if a company chooses to develop something now and get government approval, it will have ” Over 300 million users in 4 years . ” And to add that any competent developer should be happy to develop this app for free …

A particularly complex task in reality

A vision shared by Vitalik Buterin , who however explained that developing an app of this type would represent a particularly hard challenge :

“The technical difficulties associated with the development of an encrypted and secure voting system are significant (and often underestimated). But in my opinion, this is 100% the direction to take . ”

The creator of Ethereum also recalls the limitations of postal voting, citing a statistic: the US postal services have failed to deliver 27% of votes remotely . It would appear, however, that this figure is misleading .

Still, the US presidential elections turned into an imbroglio that could undoubtedly have been simplified by using other forms of voting. However, we must be careful . In Russia, blockchain voting has already been tested in Moscow, and it will be extended for the next legislative elections . But already, it has shown its limits: the site used had been attacked and sensitive voter data ended up for sale on the Darknet .

If there is a blockchain solution, it will therefore require a considerable phase of testing to ensure that it is suitable for a large-scale vote such as the American elections. Gradually, however, the idea gained ground. This summer, we learned that India was also considering blockchain voting .

Trump or Biden? No matter the result, the winner is Bitcoin’, says Barry Silbert

Grayscale’s CEO says Bitcoin will win the election race between Trump and Biden.

A Democratic victory led by Joe Biden or a re-election of Donald Trump would make Bitcoin (BTC) the real winner. Industry executives, including DCG and Grayscale CEO Barry Silbert, say both a Trump victory and a Biden victory would boost BTC.

The optimistic stance of industry executives, despite the electoral risk, comes after Grayscale’s Bitcoin study.

Grayscale, a major cryptomoeda investment company with $7.6 billion in liquid assets under management, released a study on October 27 highlighting that the potential market for Bitcoin has expanded significantly in 2020.

In 2019, Grayscale found that 36% of US investors were interested in investing in Bitcoin. This year, 55% of investors in the US are looking to Bitcoin. The study says:

“Interest is increasing: More than half of US investors are interested in investing in Bitcoin In 2020, more than half (55%) of survey respondents expressed interest in Bitcoin investment products. This marks a significant increase over the 36% of investors who said they were interested in 2019”.

The increase of almost 20% represents a substantial increase in popular awareness over a short period. It also coincides with the growing demand for Bitcoin from institutions following the impressive 200% + recovery of Bitcoin since March.

Simplex to launch Tether withdrawals in euro at Binance and Huobi

The participation in Bitcoin increases from 36% to 55% in one year. Source: Grayscale
Mainstream adoption strengthening BTC

The strong fundamentals behind Bitcoin and rapidly growing demand may offset the electoral risk in the fourth quarter.

For example, a particularly positive statistic showing the clear increase in demand for Bitcoin in 2020 is the rate at which individuals interested in BTC become real buyers.

According to Grayscale, of those individuals who have expressed an intention to invest in Bitcoin, 83% have bought BTC. The researchers wrote:

“Among those who reported investing in Bitcoin, 83% made investments in the past year, indicating that digital currencies are an increasingly attractive component of modern investment portfolios.

The higher conversion rate of individuals interested in investors is important because the potential Bitcoin market has expanded rapidly.

Moreover, the US market of about 32 million investors does not include other important markets such as Europe and Asia.

Central Bank becomes “trader” and loses 173% against Bitcoin

Meanwhile, the number of investors familiar with Bitcoin has also visibly increased. The survey found that 62% of investors already know BTC, compared to only 53% in 2019. The study said:

“Based on this year’s survey, the market for potential investors in Bitcoin is 32 million – compared to 21 million investors just a year ago. This year, 62% of investors reported that they are ‘familiar’ with Bitcoin, compared to 53% in 2019”.

The potential market for Bitcoin in the US is now 32 million investors. Source: Grayscale
What is BTC’s greatest attraction to investors?

Gold drops to 7 ounces for BTC and Peter Schiff calls Bitcoin the “biggest bubble

The main reason behind the Bitcoin race remains its exponential growth potential. However, in the eyes of institutional investors, it is also a hedge asset.

Bitcoin, being a hedge asset against inflation and having demonstrated exponential growth potential, makes it an attractive portfolio asset for institutions and professional investors.

Consequently, the number of investors buying Bitcoin with a fraction of their capital or portfolio and building on existing positions has also increased. Grayscale’s research says:

“The factors that drove interest in Bitcoin last year have had even greater impact on investors in 2020. In 2019, 59% of respondents indicated that the ability to start with a small amount and increase their investment over time would be a motivating factor when considering Bitcoin investment products; in 2020, that figure rose to 65%. ”

La carte de débit de Coinbase pour soutenir les récompenses en Bitcoin (BTC) et Stellar Lumens (XLM)

Coinbase tente de stimuler l’adoption des marchands de monnaie cryptographique avec sa nouvelle offre

La société Coinbase a annoncé le lancement prochain de sa carte de débit en cryptodécision aux États-Unis au début de 2021, après avoir initialement lancé le service en Europe et au Royaume-Uni.

Il sera possible de dépenser tous les biens numériques répertoriés par la bourse chez les commerçants soutenus par Visa directement à partir de son compte.

Garde à vue explorant le tron (TRX), la VeChain (VET), le Bitcoin Trader enveloppé et 34 autres pièces

Contrairement aux utilisateurs de l’autre côté de l’Atlantique, les clients américains auront le privilège de recevoir des récompenses de Coinbase. Ils pourront soit gagner un pour cent de retour sur Bitcon (BTC), soit bénéficier d’une généreuse remise de quatre pour cent sur Stellar Lumens (XLM). L’application Coinbase Card rafraîchira périodiquement toutes leurs récompenses.

Le choix des actifs cryptographiques est maigre, mais Coinbase devrait ajouter d’autres pièces à l’avenir.

Coinbase décrit le nouveau service comme “un jalon important” dans la généralisation de la cryptographie :

“L’introduction de la carte Coinbase a été une étape importante dans nos efforts pour faire adopter la cryptographie par le grand public comme un véritable service public. L’annonce d’aujourd’hui est un autre pas en avant dans les applications concrètes de la cryptocriminalité, car elle offre plus d’options aux clients de Coinbase aux États-Unis pour l’utilisation de leurs avoirs”.

Contrairement à ce que certains pensent, l’offre de Coinbase n’est pas susceptible de faire avancer l’adoption de la cryptocarte, car elle est principalement adaptée aux pièces de monnaie stables du dollar américain.

Alors que les utilisateurs doivent payer 2,5 % de frais pour chaque achat effectué avec la BTC ou XLM, les transactions de l’USDC sont gratuites. En outre, le fait de dépenser vos pièces de monnaie ne constitue pas un événement imposable.

Comme l’a indiqué U.Today, la pièce de monnaie stable – qui a été introduite par le consortium Circle and Coinbase’s Centre en octobre 2018 – sera lancée sur la chaîne de magasins Stellar l’année prochaine.

Futures-handlare är inte lika bullriga den här gången som Bitcoin-priset återgår till 12 000 dollar, indikerar data

Futures-handlare är inte lika bullriga den här gången som Bitcoin-priset återgår till 12 000 dollar, indikerar data
Kryptovalutahandlare visade betydligt mindre entusiasm när Bitcoin Lifestyle handlades till 12 000 $ tisdag jämfört med när bitcoin nådde samma nivå för nästan två månader sedan, baserat på futuresfinansieringsräntor från flera börser.

När bitcoin handlades nära $ 12 000 under hela augusti och slutligen nådde nyckelnivån i mitten av månaden, blev finansieringsräntorna för eviga terminer mycket positiva över ledande derivatbörser, vilket återspeglar marknadens hausse.
När bitcoin återbesökte 12 000 dollar på tisdag, reagerade finansieringsnivåerna dock annorlunda, förblev platt eller blev negativa, vilket tyder på brist på samma hausse för två månader sedan.
En mekanism som är unik för eviga terminskontrakt, finansieringsräntorna bestäms av marknaden och varierar över tiden när handlare sätter på och tar av positioner. När marknaden är hausseartad blir finansieringsräntorna positiva och handlare som tar långa positioner betalar short säljare. När marknaden är baisseartad blir finansieringen negativ och korta säljare betalar.

Finansieringsräntorna på Binance-, Bitfinex-, BitMEX- och Deribit-terminsmarknaderna började bli negativa lördag och söndag när bitcoin började handla över de låga $ 11.000-nivåerna, enligt data som samlats av Glassnode. När bitcoin tappade $ 12.000 tisdag förblev priserna negativa eller gick platt.

Bitcoin-pris och historiska finansieringsräntor från inkluderar finansieringsräntor från Binance, Bitfinex, BitMEX och Deribit sedan juli 2020

En rad negativa nyheter under de senaste veckorna kan vara att skylla på marknaderna som är mindre än hausse, enligt Aditya Das, kryptovalutamarknadsanalytiker på Brave New Coin, som sa att han tror att vissa handlare kan ha “skrämmt” och stängde sina långa positioner eller tog på sig shorts.
Finansieringen på FTX och Huobi förblev på samma sätt negativ under hela veckans hela öppningsrallyt, enligt uppgifter aggregerade av Skew.

Futureshandlare på OKEx, det största derivatutbytet med öppet ränta, blev faktiskt allt mer baisse tisdag mitt i bitcoins rally. Börsförhållandet mellan långa och korta positioner sjönk stadigt från 0,79 vid tisdagens öppet till 0,67 vid den senaste kontrollen, eftersom kortförsäljare överträffade bitcoin-tjurar.

Trots bristen på hausse från futureshandlare, traditionella marknadstilldelare och kryptomarknadsinvesterare “fortsätter” aktivt att “redenominera” till bitcoin, enligt Kyle Davies, medgrundare av Three Arrows Capital, och fortsätter vad han kallar “berättelsen om Q3 2020 . ”

Davies sa till CoinDesk, “Vi ser generellt att denna typ av spot-ledd rörelse utfäller en period av spekulation.”

Another blow from the regulator for derivatives trading – CFTC promises Bitcoin investors their protection

The CFTC intervenes in the crypto market a second time this week.

Yesterday, Friday, the American derivatives trading agency, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), induced a crypto scammer to repay $ 7.4 million in stolen funds.

At the same time, the authority emphasized that Bitcoin investors enjoy the same protection from it as everyone else

In this regard, James McDonald, the director of the CFTC’s Law Enforcement Division, writes:

“The CFTC will continue to work to protect the markets from fraud, including the emerging market for digital currencies like Bitcoin. Where necessary, we will work closely with our law enforcement colleagues. ”

The CFTC’s most recent blow was against Jon Barry Thomson

The latter pleaded guilty to having stolen US $ 7 million from two investors through a fraudulent Bitcoin project.

It seems that the regulator is stepping up its efforts regarding the crypto markets, as on Friday it also brought charges against the influential crypto trading platform BitMEX, which caused a big stir in the crypto industry.

Prezzo Bitcoin traballante al di sotto di $11.000, i trader super-bullish

  • Il prezzo Bitcoin è inferiore a 11.000 dollari
  • Le elezioni presidenziali americane di novembre potrebbero sostenere i tori del BTC
  • I commercianti si riversano in Bitcoin
  • Michael Saylor loda Bitcoin come il vero oro digitale

Il prezzo della Bitcoin è insolitamente tiepido, nonostante i fondamentali solidi. A tassi spot, per esempio, non solo i prezzi Bitcoin sono ondulati con volumi di trading leggeri, ma i tori oscillano al di sotto dei livelli critici di resistenza.

Nell’immediato, i tori devono far fronte a forti livelli di liquidazione a 11.000 dollari e successivamente a 11.500 dollari. Un chiaro slancio superiore a questo potrebbe essere la spinta necessaria, un prerequisito per 12.500 dollari o anche un nuovo massimo del 2020.

L’incertezza politica che alimenta la domanda di BTC?

Dietro a tutto questo c’è l’incertezza della politica statunitense. Alcuni analisti dicono che il dibattito presidenziale di ieri è stato una grande vittoria per Bitcoin e crypto.

In una certa misura, questo può essere vero. Bitcoin System si è trasformato in un bene di valore, un veicolo per conservare il valore proprio come l’oro.

L’analisi On-Chain supporta i tori Bitcoin

In tal caso, le probabilità di un aumento della moneta nel prossimo mese prima di questa controversa elezione presidenziale rimangono elevate. Ci sono già segnali di nuovi partecipanti che si affollano e si posizionano per un eventuale raduno. Willy Woo-un analista a catena, ha detto che il capitale che fluisce a Bitcoin non si riflette ancora nei grafici dei prezzi.

Stiamo assistendo ad un picco di attività dei nuovi partecipanti che entrano in BTC non ancora riflesso nei prezzi, non succede spesso. Questo è ciò che i trader chiamano una divergenza, in questo caso, è rialzista.


Complessivamente: rialzista nelle prossime 3 settimane, rialzista anche nei prossimi 3 mesi. IMO è un buon momento per costruire una posizione long long a lungo termine a più mesi, o dispiegare nuovo capitale se stai pensando di aumentare l’esposizione BTC.

Affermando la sua osservazione, un’analisi parallela del CEO di GlassNode sottolinea la possibilità che trader e speculatori si posizionino per un rally nell’immediato, dato che Bitcoin appare sottovalutato.

Bitcoin è il vero oro digitale

Nel frattempo, il CEO di MicroStrategy continua con la proclamazione.

Dopo aver raddoppiato il suo investimento su Bitcoin, ora dice che la moneta è il vero oro digitale – “che cresce più forte, più intelligente, più veloce e più forte grazie all’incessante progresso della tecnologia”.

Previsione del prezzo Bitcoin

Il prezzo Bitcoin è scambiato ad un intervallo ristretto con un limite massimo di 11.000 dollari. Nell’ultima settimana di trading, la moneta è scesa del quattro per cento rispetto ai ETH, ma ha guadagnato contro il biglietto verde.

Dalla disposizione a candela, l’enorme candela dell’orso del 3 settembre influenza ancora le procedure. Fintanto che i prezzi si muovono all’interno del suo raggio d’azione, i venditori hanno il controllo della situazione.

Idealmente, una chiusura netta sopra gli 11.000 dollari potrebbe dare la spinta necessaria per invertire le perdite di inizio settembre. Tuttavia, il picco deve essere accompagnato da un aumento dei volumi di negoziazione preferibilmente superiore a quelli del 3 settembre e del 21 settembre (dati di Coinbase).

Perdite inferiori a $10.500 potrebbero innescare vendite immediate verso $10.000. Ciononostante, nella maggior parte dei libri degli ordini sono visibili forti muri di vendita tra i $9.700 e i $10.300.

Indicatori tecnici BTC/USD

  • Il punto di rotazione di oggi è di 10.680 dollari
  • Il supporto è compreso tra $10.300 e $10.600
  • La resistenza è compresa tra $10.800 e $11.100
  • L’88 per cento dei trader è netto-lungo.

MPU fremmer gratis webinar om blockchain-teknologi, demokrati og stemmegivning

Samtalerunden er åpen for eksterne offentlige og offentlige påtalemyndigheter

MPU fremmer gratis webinar om blockchain-teknologi, demokrati og stemmegivning

Blockchain-teknologien vil bli gjenstand for et webinar foreslått av 4. diskusjonssyklus på InovaEscola, organisert av Superior School of the Public Ministry of the Union (ESMPU).

I følge beskrivelsen av samtalehjulet, “Blockchain: perspektiver i Brasil og i verden”, bør også utøvelse av demokrati og registrering av stemmer i valget dekkes i webinaret.

Exchange Binance holder webinar om spill og distribuerer kryptovalutaer gratis i Brasil
Dermed, med tilstedeværelse av spesialister fra sentralbanken og BNDES, sendes arrangementet til deltakerne via YouTube 8. oktober 2020 klokken 14.30.

Blockchain webinar
Statsadvokatkontoret for Unionen (MPU) organiserer en rundebord om valg og bruk av blockchain-teknologi gjennom Inova Escola, som åpnet i juni 2020.

Dermed er webinaret, organisert av ESMPU-laboratoriet, rettet mot offentlig ansatte og eksternt publikum, og vil vare i ca. 1:30 min.

Gjennom pedagogisk veiledning av Lígia Maria Lopes Reis vil aktiviteten delta på spesialister som Gabriela Ruberg, senioranalytiker ved sentralbankens informasjonskontrollkontor.

I tillegg er Vanessa Almeida sjef for digital innovasjon i BNDES og vil være en annen debattant for webseminaret “Blockchain: perspectives in Brazil and in the world” organisert av ESMPU.

I løpet av de siste månedene har ESMPU promotert et laboratorium gjennom Bitcoin Bank virtuelle møter rettet mot offentlig ansatte med debatter. I sin fjerde utgave vil teknologien som gir Bitcoin liv, være gjenstand for en samtalekrets foreslått av webinaret.

Binance tilbyr gratis kryptovalutaer i webinar om svindel og økonomiske pyramider
Før du diskuterer blockchain-teknologi, vil arrangementet imidlertid ha en samtalerunde om digital innovasjon. I dette tilfellet skal webseminaret “Innovasjon i nettverk: delte erfaringer for å akselerere institusjonell transformasjon” finne sted 6. oktober 2020 før møtet om blockchain-teknologi.

“Det andre møtet 8. oktober vil ha temaet” Blockchain: perspektiver i Brasil og i verden “, der attributtene til denne teknologien vil bli diskutert og hvordan den kan brukes i offentlig og privat sektor, for å garantere gjennomsiktighet og integritet i transaksjonskjeder. ”

Webinaret “Blockchain: perspektiver i Brasil og i verden” organisert av ESMPU er rettet mot offentlig ansatte, i tillegg til å tillate registrering av den eksterne offentligheten. For å delta i arrangementet, kan de interesserte registrere seg fra 28. september til 12:00 dagen 8. oktober 2020.

‘Stablecoins er fremtiden’, sier ekspert på nettbøker ved Digital Chamber of Commerce
I tillegg til å presentere blockchain-teknologi, kan det bli presentert et forhold mellom registreringen av stemmer i valget på arrangementet, som nevnt i beskrivelsen om aktiviteten.

“Aktiviteten søker å diskutere forholdet mellom blockchain-teknologi og demokrati og utøvelse av statsborgerskap gjennom stemmegivning.”

I følge kunngjøringen av webseminaret er det ubegrensede seter for online-arrangementet som vil bli sendt på ESMPUs YouTube-kanal. Dermed må alle søkere aksepteres for å delta på webinaret om blockchain-teknologi.

Inny Bitcoin Lightning Startup pracuje z Visa do ‘Fast Track’ płatności kartą

W zeszłym miesiącu, Bitcoin Lightning startup Strike ogłosił, że będzie współpracował ze światowym gigantem płatniczym Visa. Teraz, inny startup w tym samym duchu, LastBit, który właśnie uruchomił swoją aplikację w wersji beta, będzie korzystał z tego samego programu Visa Fast Track.

Dzięki temu partnerstwu użytkownicy będą mogli ostatecznie płacić za przedmioty, które są wyceniane w dolarach amerykańskich – ale za pomocą Bitcoin Code. LastBit założyciel Prashanth Balasubramanian powiedział CoinDesk firma będzie również wydać aplikację, która działa z euro w “kilka tygodni”.

Przeczytaj więcej: Lightning Startup Zap Podniósł 3,5 miliona dolarów za aplikację Bitcoin App Ahead of Visa Deal

Stosowanie bitcoinu do płatności “codziennych
Końcowym celem LastBit jest umożliwienie użytkownikom dokonywania płatności Lightning, aby płacili za wszystko. Użytkownik pobiera aplikację LastBit, ładuje do niej bitcoin, a następnie ma natychmiastowy dostęp do cyfrowej karty debetowej do wysyłania płatności bitcoin. Kiedy użytkownik wysyła płatność Bitcoin, sprzedawca dostaje euro lub dolarów po drugiej stronie.

Bitcoin’s Lightning Network pomaga dokonać płatności Bitcoin szybciej i taniej. Kilka sklepów tu i ówdzie akceptuje płatności Bitcoin, ale nadal nie są one prawie tak powszechnie akceptowane jak normalne transakcje Bitcoin.

Przeczytaj więcej: Co to jest Bitcoin’s Lightning Network?

Ostatecznie LastBit chce pozwolić użytkownikom Bitcoin wejść do dowolnego sklepu i dokonać zakupu z Bitcoin, niezależnie od tego czy sprzedawca akceptuje czy nie.

“Chcemy po prostu zobaczyć masy używające Bitcoin’a na co dzień”. Aby to zrobić, zaprojektowaliśmy prawdopodobnie najbardziej płynną interoperacyjność pomiędzy Bitcoin i fiat, na szczycie sieci Błyskawica, która zaspokaja potrzeby zarówno nowych, jak i doświadczonych użytkowników,” Balasubramanian powiedział CoinDesk.

Ekspansja w Europie i Stanach Zjednoczonych
W tym celu pracują zarówno w Europie, jak i w Stanach Zjednoczonych, aby otworzyć możliwość wysyłania płatności bitcoin do sprzedawców.

Finansowany przez twórcę Litecoin Charliego Lee, krypto wymiany Binance’a i twórcę bazy danych MongoDB, między innymi, startup wyciął zęby na Uniwersytecie Kalifornijskim, programie akceleratora w Berkeley.

Teraz, jako “mała firma bez milionów w banku”, LastBit uznał program Fast Track firmy Visa za dobrze pasujący, powiedział Balasubramanian.

Czytaj dalej: Ta karta Visa daje Bitcoin Rewards za wydane dolary.

“Program Visa FastTrack wydawał się rozwiązywać te problemy, abyśmy mogli szybciej wejść na rynek i dlatego zgłosiliśmy się do ich programu, mimo że był on poniżej ich “minimalnego wymogu finansowania” w wysokości 1 miliona dolarów”, powiedział Balasubramanian.

Podczas gdy LastBit współpracuje z Visa dla płatności amerykańskich, ma już zgodę na wejście na rynek Unii Europejskiej od MasterCard. Na razie na tym skupiamy się, mając nadzieję na udowodnienie, że produkt działa.

“Mając za sobą solidny produkt, partnerstwa i wybitnych inwestorów […], zamierzamy rozwinąć naszą warstwę płatności interoperacyjnych Bitcoin, Lightning i EUR w UE, aby udowodnić, że to rzeczywiście działa i że mała firma bez milionów może ściągnąć złożony produkt płatności, aby popchnąć do przyjęcia Bitcoin”, powiedział Balasubramanian.